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The Best 4 Cup Coffee Makers on the Market in 2020

The Best 4 Cup Coffee Makers on the Market in 2020

It’s no secret why 4 cup coffee makers are hugely popular – they are both fast and easy to use. Chances are, like most people, you roll out of bed in the morning hunting down that coveted cup of java. This delicious beverage has remained popular throughout the ages. Useful both as a natural stimulant (to wake you up), recent studies also show that it has some fairly potent antioxidant properties. What could be better? The answer is simple – 4 cups of coffee at once.


With a quality machine, creating 4 cups of’ joe in the same sitting is an easy feat. Growing to popularity for their easy maneuvering, you can keep the machine in the home or haul it camping. Now, the entire family of coffee drinkers can drink up this warm beverage without any extra effort. The 4-cup unit keeps the taste great since it avoids wasting extra coffee you don’t drink. In traditional models, if it stays on the burner, the quality plummets. With the 4-cup coffee maker it isn’t a concern – the java stays fresh to the last sip. This, plus easy transport and cleaning, make the 4-cup unit really desirable.

The 10 Best 4-Cup Coffee Maker

When you find a quality choice, your coffee experience will be better than ever. These ten options are crowd favorites.

  1. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker, White

Lots of java drinkers everywhere opt for white coffee makers for their sleek appearance and classic design. When you go for the Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker, you get the benefits of high quality and easy use. Complete with all the bells and whistles, this unit emulates the modern approach to coffee brewing and drinking. It is easy to set up the system, and works with all types of standard coffee grinds. Keep in mind (to get the best possible brew) that it is better when you use filtered water. It limits the frequency of descaling and keeps your unit intact longer. Also, fresher water makes for a fresher tasting brew. When you are working in units of 4 cups or smaller, it is easy to focus on the grind and aqua quality.

• On/off light indicator switch
• Stops cycle when you remove the pot
• Shows how much water you poured
• Easy-to-clean warming plate
• Simple to use filter basket
• Wears down over time (element can burn out)
• Glass container can crack with changed heat
• Requires frequent descaling

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  1. Cuisinart DCC-3200W

Tonnes of users love the Cuisinart DCC-3200W unit for its technologically advanced approach to coffee. It is no mystery that you want a hot cup of coffee – not a tepid one. This unit brews the grinds at the ideal temperature for taste and boldness. It gives you different brewing options based on preference. Altogether, it can take your java drinking to new heights. Ultimately, the same amount of time goes into preparation either way. It is all a matter of your schedule. If you have rigidly set weekday mornings, then it can be a helping hand to add ease to your routine thanks to the self-brewing feature. If you have a more liberal timeline, that just gives you a chance to use the programming to the fullest. A small programmable coffee maker can be useful for all different lifestyles.

• Creates hot coffee with good flavor
• Can choose your coffee taste (bold/regular)
• Automatic and fully programmable system
• Self-cleaning abilities
• Available 1-4 cup setting
• Oversized carafe for 4-cup unit
• 60 Second reset can short
• Too much cord length (3 feet)
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  1. Mr Coffee 4 Cup Programmable

When you opt for the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, you get a real chance for easier mornings. Popular because of its handy features like a long cord and clock, it lets you choose when the maker starts. Roll out of bed in the morning to a delicious cup of joe without having to wake up first to start the process. What could be better than waking up to a fresh pot of coffee, right?

Actually, the step of improvement comes with durability. This model is tough and designed to stand the test of time. If you are looking for something that resists breakage and has a thick enough exterior, this is a great solution. It helps your coffee stay fresh while you pace your drinking experience. Choose this option for your kitchen counter – it might be a bit bulkier than other models, but it definitely does the trick on a day to day basis.

• Compact design for transport
• Storage for extra cord length
• Removable filter basket
• Simple maintenance
• Shows the time on LCD display
• Prone to scaling in the long term
• Stopper when carafe is removed can be faulty
• Hard to see how much water is in system

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  1. AmazonBasics 5-Cup Coffeemaker

While this may not be the exact 4 cup coffee maker since it makes as many as five cups, it is still a really useful, compact system. With replaceable filters, you keep the mess to a minimum. High-quality materials make this a long-term solution for your coffee drinking needs. Sometimes, what you want is to stick to the simple (and proven) solutions. If this describes your approach to all things culinary, then this is the perfect option. Avoid the pitfalls of running to the store and forgetting filters (or getting the wrong type). This is as straightforward as coffee brewing gets. Now, you can put your full focus into drinking the 4 cups of coffee instead of managing maintenance and dealing with the nuances of brewing.

• Makes up to 5 cups at a time
• Can remove carafe during the pour
• Removable filter unit without a paper filter
• Filter setup gets dirty quickly
• Not dishwasher friendly
• Burner subject to wearing down
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  1. Coffee Maker Gevi 4 Cup

Lots of coffee enthusiasts opt for the Gevi Coffee Maker. It makes your brew at lightning speeds – great for if you are hosting company or even when you are by yourself. Since it is so lightweight and easy to transport, it can come anywhere with you. The handy system is efficient and creates a great tasting drink.  From the speed of brewing to simplified maintenance, this system is a really valuable coffee brewing unit.


Another benefit is that it uses the most standard filters around. As you probably know, 4 cup coffee filters come in all shapes and sizes, so select what will make your life easier and go for the common approach. Many choose to go with filters because of the easier maintenance. When it is as simple as removing the filter and replacing a new one, you save time in the short and long term. It also helps preserve your sink by avoiding the tedium of rinsing grinds down the drain.

• Quick brewing speed
• Lightweight and compact
• Can remove carafe during brewing
• Easy to remove filter
• Fast brew can impact the taste
• Requires replaceable filters
• Burner will wear down over time
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  1. Bialetti Italian Coffee Maker Venus (4 Cup)

The Bialetti coffee maker is a great option for the meeting of taste and function. If you are the kind of coffee drinker that prefers the strength of the classic espresso, opt for this choice. It creates the perfect level of bitterness while being easy to maintain and transport.  It works for everything from camping trips to at home uses, making it the ultimate example of versatility in the kitchen arena.


Do you have tonnes of room for setup? If so, a bulkier option is fine. Otherwise, opt for something smaller like this one. Especially given that another necessary thing to consider is the distance to an electrical socket. Not all kitchens make it easy to plug in a coffee-making unit. With this model, you don’t have to worry about the electrical socket struggle. Simply toss it onto your stovetop and get your brew going. This way, you won’t have to rearrange the whole room whenever you get a caffeine craving.

• Quick brewing abilities
• Unique yet traditional design
• Includes safety features
• Octagonal shape
• Produces a great taste
• Can't see water amount
• Tricky to clean and maintain
• Not precisely 4 cup unit
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  1. Mr. Coffee Simple Brew 4-Cup Coffee Maker

The Mr. Coffee 4 cup coffee maker is a great choice for the four cup preference. It makes a quick brew in small batches. Since it is so long-lasting, many opt for the Mr. Coffee simple brew approach. You can make multiple pots throughout the day, and the item will keep up with demand splendidly. Even if you aren’t experienced with making java, the Mr. Coffee simple brew 4-cup coffee maker will make your life easier.


Ultimately, it is a matter of your personal choice and preference. The automatic options are more modern and quicker to use, making this a really great option. Of course, the traditional manual approaches give you that old-timey goodness and a high quality taste experience. They do, however, require more of a time commitment. If you are looking for coffee on the go and efficiency is your top focus, opting for this model is definitely a wise choice.

• Can remove carafe during brewing
• Clearly see the amount of water
• Stain resisting heater plate
• Lets you choose how much to brew
• Fairly bulky unit best for home
• Indicator light can short out
• Prone to scaling over time
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  1. BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

The Black Decker coffee maker has been a go-to choice in the western world for decades. A reputable company, this unit makes it easy to start your pot of java. Featuring all the bells and whistles, it adds ease to maintenance (while lowering costs) with a built-in filter unit. Just empty, rinse and repeat whenever the need strikes. In this day and age of environmental awareness, it is ever more important to keep a lookout for eco-friendly models. This is definitely a good choice if you want to favor mother earth’s wellbeing. It requires minimal maintenance and stops you from adding to the landfills with endless amounts of filters and grinds. Especially for those living in cities where composting can be a real challenge, this is definitely a major benefit of the Black Decker coffee maker design.

• High-quality performance
• Easy to hold carafe
• Can remove during brewing
• Includes filter (no paper waste)
• Non-stick plate surface
• Can't see amount of water
• Tricky to clean the filter
• Prone to scaling over time
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  1. Intenca Stovetop Espresso Maker

If you are looking for the perfect coffee flavor that also lets you make lattes smooth and tasty, this is a great choice. The Bonvivo Intenca stovetop espresso maker brings the barista right into your home. Creating the perfect espresso is truly an art – this unit helps you perfect your skills. For those of you who are true coffee connoisseurs, you probably want to opt for the more traditional models like this one.


It all comes down to ease of use. Stovetop models are more nuanced and have more of an art to brewing but it definitely shows up in the taste arena. If you are hosting company (or just want to treat yourself) don’t shy away from this approach. Also, in the long-term, once you learn how to make espresso at home, you can totally save a bundle on those daily visits to the coffee shop.

• Small and compact design
• Stainless steel manufacturing
• Brews small amounts also
• Creates a good tasting brew
• Long-lasting coffee making unit
• Only works on stovetops
• Tricky to clean and maintain
• Works best with espresso grinds

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10.  Bialetti “Moka Express Export” Espresso Maker, Silver, 4 Cups

If you want the tasty cup of coffee on the go, this is a great option. Versatile in the sense that it works on any heated stove, you can take it camping or use it in the kitchen. Perfectly sized, it lets you get the most out of your espresso experience. Make a cappuccino or drink it straight, this is an ideal way to turn your kitchen into a cafe. Instead of rushing into the arms of your local barista whenever a caffeine craving strikes, this lets you take the true DIY approach. It transforms your kitchen into a soothing escape from the world while also helping to improve your decor. Keep this on hand for formal events or to impress your friends with an amazing espresso experience.

• Made of rust-resistant aluminum
• Includes safety features
• Creates a good tasting espresso
• Long-lasting design
• Highly durable and compact
• Only works as an espresso maker
• Lacks electrical components
• Only works on stovetop settings
• Can be difficult to clean
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Top 5 Best 4-Cup Coffee Makers

Best Coffee MakerMachine/Stove TopSizeMaterialProgramm ability Automatic or ManualFilter SystemPause FeaturePrice
Coffee Maker Gevy 4 CupMachine 4 cupPlastic/Glass/MetalNoAutomaticReplaceableNo$$
Mr. Coffee 4 Cup ProgrammableMachine 4 cupPlastic/Glass/MetalYesAutomaticReplaceableYes$
Cuisinart DCC-3200WMachine 1-4 cupPlastic/Glass/MetalYesAutomaticReplaceableYes$
Bialetti Italian Coffee Maker Venus 4 CupStove Top1-4 cupMetalNoManualNoneNo$$
Black + Decker 5 Cup Coffee MakerMachine 1-5 cupPlastic/Glass/MetalNoAutomaticReplaceableNo$


Buying Considerations for the Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

In order to have the best possible experience, you need to consider how to choose a coffee maker suited to your needs. When you opt for 4 cups coffee pots, there are some special considerations including:

  • Machine or stovetop model – what to choose:

Where are you going to be using the coffee maker? The best 4 cup coffee maker for you will be the unit that fits your schedule and demands. Are you taking it camping? If so, a machine option should be out of the question. Perhaps it is for home use. In this case, a stovetop model might be a bit higher maintenance. Ensure that you also factor in taste. Sometimes, a stovetop unit gives you that extra kick of coffee goodness.

  • Size Factors

Since a lot of people opt for a four-cup coffee maker because of its traveling ease, size is a huge consideration. Let’s say you are camping or traveling to a hotel without all the amenities. Opting for a compact unit that you can easily pop into your travel bag definitely adds to the function overall. Larger options are really only suited to home use. However, even if you know that the unit will be staying in that room, keep counter space in mind.

  • Material and Quality

Keep this in mind for a lot of reasons. The top of them all is the amount of time the unit will keep your coffee warm and tasting fresh. Usually, it comes down to a question of glass versus metal. Glass units are atop of the heating plate at the base of the unit. Glass is a really popular direction for a lot of reasons. It lets you see how much-brewed goodness remains and also insulates against the elements. Metal, on the other hand, is better for quick drinking. It tends to lose heat really quickly and therefore is more used for espressos.

  • Programmable or Basic

We all love the ease that comes with a programmable unit – for the fun and the initial ease. It lets you set up your coffee plans well in advance. If you like to wake up to the soothing scent of a coffee drip, then a programmable choice is a great direction. On the other hand, if you want a quick cup at sporadic intervals, then it may be better to go basic. For one thing, your grinds don’t risk going stale overnight. You can avoid the tedium of planning your caffeine intake ahead of time.

  • Automatic or Manual

Electrical coffee makers (otherwise known as automatic units) are usually the go-to for regular coffee drinkers. It makes it so that you can simply get set up and ready to go with the push of a button. Of course, this demands electricity. If you are camping and only have an open fire, the stovetop is clearly superior. The manual approach means you just need a heated surface to bring the interior to a boil. It does take a bit more time to clean and set up, but it is less restrictive to the modern world.

  • Filter system

Let’s be real; the price of coffee is high enough. Adding filters onto this budget can cause a bit more of a dent in your pocketbook. When you go for a system that doesn’t use replaceable filters, you save both on price and help the environment. Limit the amount of paper waste by selecting a choice with a built-in filter for ease.

  • Pause Feature

This is a really handy component to have on your coffee machine. It means that if you grab a cup of java during the brewing process, you won’t get drips everywhere.  Of course, this is only valid with automatic brewers. Stovetop units won’t have a pause feature and will go until finished. However, if you are looking at a unit with a lot of bells and whistles (like a coffee maker with timer benefits), then keep your eye out for a pausing component. There is really nothing to lose and everything to gain. Avoid making unnecessary messes, and don’t interrupt the brewing overall. This handy feature just works to make your life (and coffee drinking) easier.

Extra Advice from Mr. Coffee

Of course, there are other hacks to brewing the perfect pot of coffee. Each model has different pros and cons. To learn even more, look to the user manuals for each individual unit. For some extra assistance, check out the instruction manuals from Mr. Coffee Maker for added hints and tricks. It will help you learn how to use Mr. Coffee Maker (a crowd favorite) and also give you guidance on brewing coffee overall. Whether you opt for the Mr. Coffee 4 cup permanent filter or a more traditional model, this will help you every step of the way.

Now that you know the ins and outs of the best 4 cup coffee makers, you are all set to brew. Choose the right grinds, use filtered water, and get to drinking. Make your mornings wonderful again with these handy instruments.

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