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Best Single Serve Coffee Tips

For those of us that use our single serve coffee maker with a reusable filter, or we make our own coffee pods it’s good to know that doing the correct measuring could mean a great or not so great cup of coffee, and taking proper steps each time we brew. Sure – it’s not the same as drip measuring where you have a entire pot of coffee to brew, but it is important to get the right grind, amount of water, pre-heated cup, and also pre-moistened coffee pod if you’re going that route.

Our tips if you’re using any of the “use your own coffee” or even using a K-Cup or coffee pod for your Keurig, Nespresso, or Coffee pod brewer are the following:

  1. Use filtered water – great water makes great tasting coffee.
  2. Pre-heat whatever you can this includes having a warm coffee mug to keep the coffee hot.
  3. Prep the machine and make sure it’s clean and the filter is clean too.
  4. Check your coffee grind and make sure it’s what you want – and experiment on smaller cups of coffee to see how the grind to water affects your cup of coffee or how the particular K-Cup or coffee pod would taste better with less water at 6 oz versus 8 oz or other amounts.
  5. Pre-moisten coffee pods and make sure you pour hot water over the pod drawer if you’re using that method or you’ve made your own coffee pods.

Try these tips and feel the difference!

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